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Family Law


Divorce can be one of the most difficult and traumatic periods in a person’s life, particularly if children are involved. Ending a marriage involves dividing the property and debts of the married couple and if there are children, determining the parenting arrangement going forward as well as how the children will be supported financially. There are unfortunately a lot of misconceptions about the process created by popular culture. Some people expect that because a friend’s or relative’s divorce had a certain path or outcome, theirs might be the same. But your story is not the same as their story. Listening to and understanding what is important to you is vital to helping you reach your objectives. B&B can provide you with answers to your questions about how the process works, the legal questions involved, and what you could expect at the end of the process. Decades of work in this area means B&B can offer you perspective, which can seem very hard to come by when you are in the middle of it all. If you’re looking for an Indianapolis divorce attorney who is there to answer your questions and work with you through one of the toughest times in life, contact B&B.



The paternity process involves determining what the parenting arrangement will be for the child and how the child will be financially supported. Because the parents sometimes don’t have any history of parenting together these can be very difficult waters to navigate for both parties, emotionally and otherwise. Fortunately, paternity situations no longer carry the negative associations sometimes seen in the past. Your rights as a parent are no less simply because you were not married. Indiana law recognizes that it is usually in a child's best interest to have frequent, meaningful, and continuing contact with each parent. If you are looking for an attorney who will listen to your concerns, will answer your questions, and work with you to reach your goals, contact B&B.

Custody & Child Support Modification

Life and job circumstances sometimes change after child support, parenting time, or custody are determined, whether in the paternity context or after a divorce. Although Indiana law favors stability in custody arrangements, sometimes these life changes mean existing custody, parenting time, or child support arrangements are no longer in a child’s best interests or reasonable. If your circumstances look different than they used to and you want to know if a modification is possible or desirable, contact B&B.

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